Madhya Pradesh's biggest city and commercial powerhouse have much more of a cosmopolitan buzz than anywhere else in the state. Apart from some splendid buildings created by the Holkar dynasty, and Indore's traffic and crowds are as hectic as in any Indian city.  Indeed, locals like to tell visitors how in India-wide surveys held in 2017 and 2018, Indore was ranked as the cleanest city in India.


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Weekend approaching? Tired week days? Mood for a trek? Love for flora and fauna?

Here’s your destination!

This place in Indore will serve you as a family with lots of fun and exciting things to carry out. This place is full of freshness and serenity, lushes of green bushes and nature and hiking adventures.Experiencing your wildness and just lost in the world of birds chirping and deer tantalizing , in euphony of waterfalls and rivers is the best therapy here.All your busy and hectic schedules can be paused for a day or two to experience this place full of wonders.If you are an outsider and need place to accommodate yourselves , hotels at cheap prices are easily available.

Known for – family trips and treks, photography, nature

Best time to visit – Monsoon

Area covered – 5sq.kms

Distance from the railway station – 30 minutes (13kms) approx.

Time Duration – 9am till 6:30pm (all days of the week)

Fun Fact- there is a hunting hut at Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary that was constructed by the people of Holkar State in 1905 which is now being transformed into an information center.


Have a tooth for historical monuments and unlimited love for architecture, wars, and Marathas?

This is the destination for you!

This Maratha piece of architecture and the bold monument will leave you spellbound. The ethnicity of this structure built for more than 200yrs is itself an answer to historical wars fought between empires. It symbolizes that a true warrior is never afraid and believes to render his life to his place of birth. Not only sightseeing but shopping can also be done here.  The palace has recently been renovated, which has managed to bring back the old glory to some extent. In the rear part of the palace, a beautiful garden has been created.

Known for: Ethnicity, Mughal wars fought, Indori culture

Best time to visit- Any season but most suitable(Oct-Feb)is at night due beautiful lightnings.

Distance from Railway station: 8 -10 minutes

Time Duration: 10am till 9pm

Fun Fact: Rajwada palace offers a delight to visitors by organising light ans osund show as well from around 7pm.


Late night cravings? A despo food lover ..?...Foodiee..Foodolochic?

This place is still less and cannot be described in words to satisfy your hunger and cravings.

If you are in Indore then you definitely can't miss out at this night food bazaar that opens up at 9 pm and goes up till late in the morning. If you are not from Indore and like to experiment with food then one must try the Sabudana khichdi , aloo tikki ,the rabdi ice cream and much more. Also one must try corn chat.If you don't eat lots of chilli, then please specify it to the vendors as people there are very fond of the spicy food. The land of poha jalebi and the love for food can easily be seen in the eyes of the visitors. To satisfy your hunger level, this place is cheap and affordable and can easily mark up to your expectations.

Known for: Food, Food and Food, late-night shops and shenanigans

Best time to visit: Anytime but at night

Distance from Railway station: 13-15 minutes approx

Time duration: late night (after 9pm)

Fun Fact: The cricket connection and the circus mystery is a unique feature of this place.


Having a mood for Peshwas rule?

Here are your destination people!

The main attraction of this palace, which is unfortunately not advertised by the management is a small planetarium on the first floor in a corner room. It has a capacity of just 12 to 15 persons. This was known to be the private planetarium of the Holkar prince. The Lal Bagh palace is one of a kind, showing the lavishness of the holkars and the lifestyle they lived. Lifts and gardens, ceiling painted with Gold and making you feel the images coming out to greet you. It is one of the main attractions of the city. The neoclassical styled architecture of this place allures every eye.

Known for: Historical aspects, Glancing eye-catchy interior, exquisite ballroom

Distance from railway station: 13-15 minutes

Time duration: 9am to 5pm except for Monday

Fun Fact: The entrance is a replica of Buckingham Palace.


Feels like you can take over central India’s largest colony?

Here’s the destination for you!

If you have a strong fascination with the historical heritage, the Central Museum of Indore is just the place for you. The museum is situated in proximity to the General Post Office. The main features of these sculptures cover stone depictions and proportioned figures. Being one of the prominent places to see in Indore, the Central Museum boasts a collection of the pre-medieval & medieval Jain & Hindu sculptures in Madhya Pradesh. A door frame adorned with ornaments & figure forms the most remarkable architectural remains of the museum. 

Known for: Experience seekers, historical eye-view visitors

Distance from the railway station: 8-10 minutes

Time duration: 9am till 8pm , all days of the week

Fun fact: The Museum was established on October 1, 1929, used to collect and preserve the antiquities founded in the region of the former Holkar state.


FOODIEEEESSSS….This is definitely a treat to all the indoris and the visitors visiting to Indore. All your spicy and tasteful flavors war can be ended here.

Here’s your place!

Indoris this place is surely your Disneyland far from every other country! The world-famous and the Forbes List no.1 Johny HotDog can be eaten here in 3 flavors. There is chaat, bhelpuri, spicy and saucy mixtures,kulchas ,poha jalebi, dahi bada,gadadu and many other eateries with satisfactory drinks and shakes to just end your beautiful journey of taste battle. This place has 56 shops and numerous flavors and tastes can be witnessed here. A walk through Chhappan Dukan is cathartic not only for the delectable array of mouthwatering treats on offer but also the live culinary viewing experience. Here, your chef will cook everything right before your eyes at maximum shops.

Known for: Extra delicious and mouth-watering foods as every shop is better than the others

Distance from railway station: 8-10 minutes

Time duration: 10am- 10 pm, except Sundays

Fun Fact: For the enjoyment of kids, there are various options including pony-rides, camel-rides, small swings, balloon shooting, etc., which keep changing from time to time !! There are a whole lot of convenience shops too.


Oh! What a destined place! All of the interiors is made up of glasses and mosaic artwork. Isn’t that great and lavishing?

You might have visited several temples which have got fame for their detailed architecture but this city has a temple that stands apart with its unique glass and mirror work. Built-in the 20th century by Hukumchand Seth, this temple is a sacred destination for the Jain community. The temple comprises a Lord Mahavira idol which was made from the black onyx. With the intricate mirror work on the walls, floor, ceiling, and pillars, the temple also holds a lot of aesthetic appeals. The glass chandeliers & Chinese style lanterns enhance its beauty by manifolds. Kanch Mandir is situated in close proximity to the Rajwada area which is one of the most famous places in Indore.

Known for: Exceptional artwork and ethnic design

Distance from railway station: 9-11 minutes

Time duration: 5am -12pm and then reopens 4pm-8pm on all days of the week

Fun Fact: The idol of Lord Mahavira can be seen in 21 glass reflections


Hey photographers! The scenic beauty and the quality of serenity offered here is such an extravaganza to watch.

The Patalpani waterfalls is a picnic spot. The waterfalls are dependent on the rain. However, what was unique about the place was that unlike most falls where we are usually at the bottom of the falling water, in this case, we end up at the top, and get to see the river flowing away in the valley. The water at the top is so little, that it is amazing how it could have created such a huge waterfall. We went in July so it was very hot and humid, but there is plenty to photograph. If you are lucky then you could get to view a train going near the falls. The tracks are meter gauge (one of the few tracks left in India) and make a very scenic picture coming suddenly out of the mountains and after a quick halt at the tiny station, again disappearing into the hills. There are lots of monkeys and we have to be very careful also.

Known for: Alluring sight scenes, photogenic views

Distance from railway station: 30-40 kms away from here

Best time to visit: Monsoons

 Time duration: anytime till 5-6pm

Fun Fact: It’s a dangerous fact although that great swimmer may also get trapped in the vicious circle of water in monsoons. Beware.


 Great for kids and youngsters for their great weekend plans.

The very attractive and beautiful park - the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Regional Park - also known as Pipliyapala Park. There is also a canal, which covers the whole park starting from one point of the pond and ending at the other part. The bridges over the canal with the mist fountain make one feel a special type of peace.
Various attractions in the park include Boating, Musical Fountain, Jumping Jet Fountain, Artists' Village, Indian Gardens/Necklace Gardens, French Gardens, Maze/Labyrinth, Bio-diversity Garden, Mist Fountain, Lake-view Point, Amphitheatre, and Fast food Zone. There are various exciting paddle boats, speedboats, and even small cruisers !! And naturally, the ride charges for these boats vary. The regional park is a great boon for Indore. This huge park/lake attraction has become a sensation among all tourists and locals alike.
Indore is proud to have such a beautiful place in its nest.

Known for: Mostly visited French gardens, Fountains

Distance from railway station: 20-22minutes

Time duration: 11 am-9 pm all days

Fun Fact: Mesmerising ampi theatre is also a delight to witness.


Khajrana Ganesh Mandir is lord Ganesha temple in Indore. one of the famous temple in Indore. the beautiful statue of Lord Ganesha is there. well maintained and clean place. he devotees circle around the temple and tie a thread to pray to Lord Ganesha for the successful completion of their work. It is said that the ancient idol in the temple was seen in a dream of a local priest, Pandit Mangal Bhatt. Later, Ahilyabai Holkar excavated the said idol from under the ground and installed it in a temple. From where the idol was removed, there is a well, which is right in front of the temple.

From a small hut to a huge structure, the temple has developed a lot over the years. The temple is equally famous in India abroad. The temple regularly receives money, gold, diamonds and other precious jewels in the form of donation. The gate, the outer and upper walls of the Garbagriha are made of Silver and different moods and festivals are depicted on it. The eyes of the deity are made of diamonds that were donated by a businessman of Indore.

Have a great and safe trip to INDORE.



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