For the past few years, Bangkok Thailand has gained so much tourist attraction because of its cultural and breathtaking places to visit. As Bangkok is a Southeast Asian city, it offers multiple fascinating activities and places that tourists are always seeking for. It is also referred as “Big mango”; it is basically an international hub, where you can gain most of your unforgettable experience. As most of Asian countries, highly represents their culture and religion, this country offers as a collage of fascinating landscapes and amusing places to visit. So this article will be solely about 10 BEST PLACES TO VISIT IN BANGKOK THAILAND , So if you are a tourist you should definitely check out these fascinating places to visit.

1. The grand palace:


The most famous place which has always grabbed tourist attention is THE GRAND PALACE, which itself is a living evidence for the king of Siam, who himself with his court and royal family used to live there. This palace offers an amusing view; it is basically located in the heart of Bangkok city. But you are not allowed to wear uncovered clothes, and without them they won’t let you in, or further more can make you buy shirts and pants which are quite money grabbing thing in my opinion. So, should wear clothes that are fully covered.

The ticket around is 500 baht that is actually 15$ u. s money. So keeping in mind your range and rules, you can visit this amusing place.

2. The wat Phra Chetuphone(Wat phu):


Not far from the grand palace and by 10 minutes walk, Wat phra chetuphone or famously named as wat phu is a Buddhist temple, which is famous for cultural and religious perspective. It is famous with another name “The temple of reclining Buddha”. So what’s especial in there is, you can have a really great Thai massage, it is also refereed as leading school of Thai massage, so if you are looking for relaxing experience it is a must visit place to go.

3. Wat Arun:


Asian countries are best for visiting temples and cultural heritage, Wat arun or temple of dawn is a must visit place to visit famous for landscape reason, as you can have a relaxing environment, you can have a private boat to get into the real temple and it cost 20 baht, but once you reach to wat arun temple you need to pay 50 baht to visit temple. It takes a really amusing ride, if you through boats in nights. Because timing really matters for those amusing moments to be seen. 

4. Jim Thompson’s houses:


Looking for best representation of a Thai house, then Jim Thompson’s house is really great to visit; it involves restaurants and museum, which can really make your day. This place is actually a collection of museum and art collection. It is located in central Bangkok. It is moreover an appreciation to Jim Thompson who is mainly the architect of the main museum.

5. Wat phra kaew:

wat phra kaew

Right inside the grand palace is wat phra kaew which is full of colorful mosaics and statues guarding the temple, It is all surrounded by stunning ornate buildings, which represents the Buddhist culture, The whole place is a really must taking around a walk tour, you can enjoy whole day roaming and exploring myths and different stories which is quite interesting.

6. Central world:

central world

The biggest lifestyle shopping destination which has gained so much tour attention is this place called central world. It is actually a shopping plaza having its eleventh rank across the globe. So it is the best destination for locals and foreigners to visit and shop whatever they want to.

7. Khao san road:

khao san road

If you looking for mouth savory street food, then khao san road is the best destination for mouth savory street foods, with variety of restaurants, it is basically a whole street filled with different Thai food, so if you are looking for hubs to hit your taste buds then you should definitely try some Thai food here.

8. Lumphini park:

For those who are looking for peace after being in hustle bustle places, Lumphini park comprises on a artificial lake, where you can sit in boats and enjoy the beauty of lake, surrounded by trees and of course you can enjoy relaxing environment in there. If you go in morning you can take free aerobics lesson as well, and it gives you a relaxing pleasure going there.

9. The Chatuchak Market:

The chatuchak market

Talking about largest market in Thailand, Chatuchak market Thailand is well known market in Bangkok Thailand. This market is Asia’s largest market and offers almost everything, food stalls, music and shopping, you don’t have to worry about the cost, as the cost are already low, you don’t have to worry about budget friendly stuff. So this market becomes the must visit place to go.

10. Wat saket:

wat saket

Wat saket is famously called as Temple of the golden mount, it is basically a temple and you can enjoy fascinating view at uphill, located over Rattanakosin Island. The temple grounds have mature trees and typical Buddhist structures such as a main prayer hall, ordination hall and library. So I’ll list is at list top 10 destination to visit.


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