1. Rio de Janerio:

A chill vacation at Rio de Janerio sounds just perfect. This huge seaside city and a major tourist attraction in Brazil will charm you with its soothing aura.

Rio de Janerio is the capital city of the state of Rio de Janerio which is the third most populous state of Brazil.

This city is very popular for it’s Carnival festival, parades, samba dancers, beautiful beaches, mountains and much more. Rio de Janerio is the perfect getaway option for all the sports and beach lovers.

This city offers a number of beach sports activities like beach volleyball, soccer, swimming, surfing, etc. You will also get to taste some exotic Brazilian cuisine at this place.

The best time to visit this beautiful city is from December to March, however February is the ideal month to take a trip to Rio de Janerio and experience the Carnival festival.

2. Barcelona:

The artistic city of Barcelona is the cosmopolitan capital of the Catalonia region in Spain.

This seaside city is most famous for it’s extraordinary soccer game as well it’s beautiful art museums, golden shoreline, composed parks and the delicious Catalan dishes.

You will get to be a part of the vibrant crowd in Barcelona and enjoy and blend with their culture. The best time to visit this city is in the months of May, June and September.

Lastly, if you are a fan of Lionel Messi then you must definitely consider taking a trip to Barcelona. (though, not with the notion of actually getting to meet him)

3. The Grand Canyon, Arizona:

The Grand Canyon in Arizona is a place that one must visit at least once in their lifetime to observe the sheer beauty of this place. It is a steep-sided canyon carved by the Colorado River and cover an area of 277 miles long.

The Grand Canyon is a World Heritage Site attracting millions of people from all over the world to witness its natural beauty.

This natural beauty is formed as an erosion from the Colorado River cut into a deep channel through layers of rock.

Doing nothing but just visiting this site and enjoying it’s splendid beauty itself you give a one of a kind experience. The best time to visit the Grand Canyon in Arizona is from March to May and from September to November.

4. Maui Hawaii:

Maui is an exquisite and the second most visited island in Hawaii. This beautiful island is full of tourism and will never fail to give you the most fulfilling experience.

Maui is also known as ‘The Valley Isle’ and covers an area of 727.2 square miles. This island is famous for it’s scenic beaches, the scared lao valley, the blissful view of sunrise and sunset and obviously for the mouthwatering fish and seafood dishes.

Maui also offers exciting adventure activities like biking, rafting, surfing, cycling and much more. The best time to visit this magnificent island is in the months of April and May and from September to November.

5. Hong Kong:

Hong Kong is a metropolitan area and a special administrative region of China. This place is the most densely populated area in the world covering over 1,104 square kilometre.

Tourism in Hong Kong is a major part of their economy. Asia’s biggest cultural festivals happen at this very place attracting thousands of people from all over the world.

Hong Kong is a paradise for shopping, however along with that this place has much more to offer. Nightlife at Hong Kong is something that one must surely experience.

Hong Kong comes alive during the months of September to December making it the best time to visit this place.


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