The city of Rome is popular for it rich history, beautiful art, stunning architecture, and obviously for its lasagne, gelato and pasta. Rome is the capital city of Italy and one of the major tourist attraction in the entire world.

Top places to visit in the city of Rome:

1. Colosseum

Your trip to the city of Rome remains incomplete if you fail to visit the Colosseum.

Millions of people from all over the world visit the Colosseum every year to admire it’s alluring architecture and educate themselves about the history of this place.

It is said to be the largest structure from the ancient Rome times. The Colosseum is an ‘iconic’ structure in the city of Rome.

2. Pantheon:

The Pantheon is the most wisely built building and the heart of the city Rome. This spectacular building is a major tourist attraction in Rome attracting thousands of people from all over the world.

Initially a Roman temple and now a Catholic church is famous for its architectural structure, calming aura and it’s rich historical importance.

To enjoy you trip to Rome to the fullest you must definitely visit this well preserved building called ‘The Pantheon’.

3. Piazza Navona:

The Piazza Navona is an open space in the city of Rome and one of the largest sqaures in the city. This place is one of the most recognized places and is perfect hangout place.

The Piazza Navona including three beautiful fountains, the church of Sant’Agnese in Agone and the Pamphili palace. There are several restaurants, musicians, street artists around this square that add lively to this magnificent place.

If you are planning a long stay in Rome then you must definitely take a day out to hangout at the Piazza Navona.

Must eat food in Rome: 

1. Carbonara

2. Allesso di Bollito

3. Artichokes

4. Cacio e Pepe

5. Pizza al Taglio

6 . Porchetta

7. Supplì

8. Trapizzino

9. Maritozzi

10. Gelato

Best time to visit Rome: 

The best time to visit the city of Rome is either from April to June or from September to October. During these months the crowd in Rome is less as otherwise giving you the opportunity to explore every desired part of the city. The hotel rates during this time are also comparatively cheaper than in other months. The temperature during these months approximately ranges from 9°C to 24°C.

How to reach Rome? 

Airways– The Leonardo da Vinci International airport is the main and nearest international airport. It connects well to all the major cities around the world. However, Rome in all has three airports, the other two being the Rome Ciampino airport and the Roma-Urbe airport.

Railways– The main railway station in Rome is the Roma Termini. Other railway stations include Roma Tiburtina, Roma Trastevere, Roma Ostiense and Roma Tuscolana. All the stations connects well to most of the cities in Italy.

Roadways– There are daily bus services to and fro from all the major cities in Italy. You can very conveniently reach the city of Rome via bus from all the cities in Italy.

Waterways– You can also travel to Rome via cruise ships and ferry services. Civitavecchia is the nearest cruise ship dock from Rome.



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