The city of Dubai is a prominent tourist destination and a leading commercial hub.

Dubai is a city and an emirate in the United Arab Emirates known for luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture and a lively nightlife.

Dubai offer you with endless adventure opportunities like the desert safaris through the golden Arabian Dunes, skydiving over the beautiful islands, reef and wreck diving, kite surfing, wakeboarding and much more.

Top places to visit in Dubai:

1. Burj Khalifa:

The Burj Khalifa is the tallest tower in the world and one of the major attractions in the city of Dubai. The height of this mighty tower is 828 meters tall and is definitely a must visit place in Dubai.

You can totally have a luxury experience at Burj Khalifa. To have the best experience you should visit this tower at night time. You can watch the various entertainment shows that take place right at the bottom of the tower and then dine at the various restaurants in this massive tower.

2. The Dubai Mall: 

The Dubai Mall is the largest shopping destination in Dubai right next to the tallest tower in the world. This mall is a hub for shopping, entertainment and leisure purposes.

The Dubai Mall covers an area of 5,00,000 sq meters with over 1200 stores. This place is a totally like heaven for all the shopping enthusiasts.

3. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo: 

The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo will surely give you a surreal experience. This aquarium and underwater zoo is the home to around 33,000 marine creatures comprising of over 140 species with 10 million litres of water in the tank.

This aquarium is built in such a way that it will give you the true experience of the underwater life. The VR zoo will also amaze you by giving you a thrilling and realistic experience.

4. Dubai Frame:

The Dubai Frame is the world’s largest frame structure and is a recent construction of 2018. It acts like a frame to the many architectural attractions in the city of Dubai.

It consists of two parallel tower that are 150 meters tall and are connected by a sky deck which has a breath of 93 meters. The Dubai Frame is an architectural landmark in Zabeel Park and attracts a number of tourists from all over the world.

Must eat food dishes in Dubai:

1. Stuffed Camel

2. Samboosa

3. Margoogat

4. Chebab

5. Machboos

6. Khubz

7. Luqaimat

8. Knafeh

9. Shawarma

10. Manousheh

11. Mandi

12. Turkish cocktails

Best time to visit Dubai: 

The best time to visit Dubai is in the months of November to April. The climate during these months is cooler and perfect for you travel excursion. However, if you traveling in January or February make sure to carry some warm clothes as the temperature gets cold during the night time.

How to reach Dubai? 

Airways– The Dubai International Airport is the busiest airport in the UAE and the only one in the metropolis. Dubai’s official international airline connects to a number of destinations around the world. Another option is the Sharjah International Airport, you can easily take a taxi from the airport to reach Dubai in no time.

Roadways– The Emirates Express connects Dubai to all other emirates in the UAE. The bus services are frequent from Dubai to the other emirates.

However, there are no rail routes connecting Dubai to the other emirates and otherwise.


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